• How to find good OEM/ODM watch factory in China

    Mass commemorative watch customization service, find a good source of quality manufacturers is the key Professional things about watch supply still need professional people to do. For example, for commemorative watch customization, if there is a mass customization service demand for commemorative...
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  • The history of utomatic mechanical watch

    utomatic mechanical watch  is based on the structure of ordinary mechanical watch, adding a part of automatic mechanism device, through the action of the watch wearer’s arm movement in daily life automatically winds. The words “Automatic” printed on the dial indicate that it is an automatic mecha...
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  • How to clean your watch

        How to clean your watch The watch movement needs regular oil washing, which, like a car, is a necessary maintenance. The appearance of the watch is actually the same, and it needs to be wiped or cleaned regularly. I usually touch the watch a lot, and the appearance of the watch...
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  • Why expensive luxury brand waterproof watch can’t wear to hot shower

    Why expensive luxury brand waterproof watch can’t wear to hot shower

    Some people usually asking:”My watch is famouse brand,very expensive,and it’s said 50M waterproof wrist watch.Why can’t wear it to take a hot shower?” As we know,the waterproof watches tested at factory before package,and it really resistant water.But it only resistant no...
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