How to clean your watch




How to clean your watch

The watch movement needs regular oil washing, which, like a car, is a necessary maintenance. The appearance of the watch is actually the same, and it needs to be wiped or cleaned regularly. I usually touch the watch a lot, and the appearance of the watch varies from person to person. It has a lot to do with the health conditions, physical characteristics, and nature of the person wearing it. I have seen that there are really dirty things. On the back of the watch case and in the gaps between the straps, the dirty and greasy things are all dirt. It has been attached to the watch surface for a long time, but it is still solidified together, so that it is not easy to buckle it, and it emits a foul smell, especially the older watches, which people basically ignore. The surface is clean, and the watch surface has been cleaned for many years. Many people wear watches, especially in summer, they often find dirt and black spots on the wrist contact with the watch. This is basically a watch strap. The dirt inside is transferring.


The most vulnerable places for a watch to hide dirt and dirt are the connection between the strap and the head, the claws of the back of the watch, the gap between the metal watchband (especially the hollow core watchband), the front bezel of the watch case, the glass and the watch. Between the cases, between the back cover and the case, between the crown head and the case, and around the glass calendar magnifying glass. Those who do not say a word, have no complaints, and do their best to serve you are the ones you are most likely to overlook, even though they are so close to you. Therefore, you must treat things close to you carefully, do not go outside to wash the car, and do more to clean the car yourself, because there will be an opportunity for inspection and “communication”.

If you are not sure about the waterproof performance of your watch, or if you are using a watch with a leather strap, it is recommended that you try to wipe it dry with a cloth. Disassembling the strap may not be a big deal to insiders, but it is really difficult for ordinary people. Simply clean the watch yourself. The effect is not comparable to that of professional watch shops. The watch repair shops will use ultrasonic cleaning and also have equipment for rapid drying; even such a simple cleaning will be quite effective. If the watch is not waterproof For problems (such as Rolex watches), you can first soak the watch in warm water, add a little “washing spirit”, soak for 5~10 minutes (depending on how dirty the watch is), and then find the softest toothbrush and dip it. The “washing spirit” brushes the surface of the watch, focusing on the strap and the back of the watch, and finally turns on the faucet and rinses it with water.


Post time: Apr-19-2021